Are Scorpions Infesting Your Home?

by | Apr 3, 2013

A scorpion sighting is an unsettling experience, especially if it’s in your home. If your house has not undergone home sealing for scorpions, it’s even more likely you’ll unexpectedly come upon one. But if you understand the habits and nature of scorpions you can prevent unwanted encounters with them.

What do scorpions look like?

ScorpionScorpions have two large, grasping front claws, six smaller legs, and a long tapered body with a segmented tail. They come in all sizes, from one inch to seven, and are often black. There are currently 1,400 known species of scorpion in the world, but thanks to scorpion extermination services and natural evolution over 100 species of scorpion have gone extinct.

Should I worry about scorpions where I live?

Somewhat. While scorpions can survive almost anywhere, they prefer a climate of 68-99 degrees Fahrenheit. For that reason, there is a higher concentration of them in southern states like here in Arizona. They are resourceful creatures who need very little to survive- just a bit of moisture, shade, and bugs for food. If you scorpion proof your home, you may never have to see one scuttling in your garden for dinner.

When are scorpions most active?

Since many species of scorpion are nocturnal, you’re most likely to see one at night. They typically rest someplace shady during the day, saving up energy for nighttime activities.

If I see a scorpion, what should I do?

Don’t approach, touch, or handle a scorpion: they strike when they feel threatened.

Back away slowly and seek shelter. If you think you have scorpions, you should scorpion proof your home. In the meantime, protect yourself by checking inside shoes and clothes for scorpions before putting them on. Wear hard-soled slippers, and carry a handheld black light at night: the scorpion’s exoskeleton will glow under it.

What happens if I get stung by a scorpion?

While it may take hours for the scorpion’s venom to affect you, you should seek emergency medical treatment immediately.

How can I tell if my home is infested with scorpions?

If you see more than one scorpion per month, or think you have seen juvenile scorpions, there may be in infestation near or in your home. If so, you can try home remedies like glue traps or bug zappers, but it may be time to look into home sealing for scorpions.

Since scorpion stings are not just painful but also potentially dangerous, a professional scorpion extermination service is recommended. At Arizona’s Best Choice Pest and Termite Services, we are proud to be desert pest specialists who excel at scorpion extermination, including Arizona bark scorpion control. We are are leaders in effective home sealing, and have the knowledge, training and understanding to successfully scorpion proof your home.

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