4 Simple Steps to Get Rid Of Termites – Part 2

by | Nov 16, 2013

Welcome again to our second series of how to get rid of termites easily.

We have 4 simple steps, which can help get easy riddance of termites, out of which two have already been discussed in the first part: 4 Simple Steps to Get Rid Of Termites. Let us straightaway look at the remaining two steps as well.

Step #3 Taking Professionals Assistance

Even after using self-termite treatment methods, you do not get any solution, or the termite problem is quite big, then you must give a call to the professionals and ask for the professional pest extermination service. When consulting the commercial Pest Control company, be sure that you:

•    Consult different competing  pest extermination company and get different quotes from them.

•    Before finalizing upon any company, do check up its past records. This would make you know whether the company selection is justified or not.

•    Do not forget to get the written agreement from the company. Make sure that the company gives periodic services as well to check whether the termite control is effective or not.

Step #4 Preventing Future Infestations

To get the solutions today is not only sufficient. You have to make arrangements for the pests and termites, so that these do not attack your house again in the future. Here are certain steps, which will help you prevent future infestation of the termites.

•    Avoid moisture coming in the property: Moisture acts as a magnetic field for the termites. So, to make sure that your house remains termite free and termite safe in future as well, you have to work upon keeping moisture away from the property. When there would be no moisture, then the termites would not be able to breed or even survive.

•    Clean of unwanted stagnant water: If in case there is any stagnant water, in or outside the house, then use the broom or suction pump to take it off. Make sure that the house is safe of the stagnant water leading to moisture at nearby area.

•    Maintenance of gutter area: The gutter space must be cleaned properly. If in case, there is any debris, then it must be removed off, otherwise, that would soon become a home to termites or other pests.

•    Keep wood off: Termites love wood, and find a cozy place for themselves there. If you want to save your property from future termite attack, then make sure that you keep limited firewood or loose tree trunks and branches at the home. Also, even if you are keeping limited wood, make sure that it is properly covered.

•    Sealing cracks & holes: Keep a vigilant eye upon the cracks & holes in the house. If there is any crack or holes, make sure that it is sealed properly. You should look up for such cracks & gaps at specific places like space between electrical wiring, near windows, foundations, etc.So, these are certain tips, which can help you in making your property safe from future termite attacks.


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