3 Tips on How to Control Termites in Your Home at Phoenix AZ

by | Sep 29, 2014

There is always a problem with termites in Phoenix, which is why; if you have decided to hire help from the best local termite control company, then it was a wise decision. Here are some facts about termites that you need to know, so if you haven’t already made the call for help, you had better hurry up.

Termites move with the whole colony. They have a queen and a king, and they defend their queen. The king helps in the upbringing of their offspring, which is not common in other insect species.

Termites have been around for more than 130 million years, and there are fossils to support this theory. According to biological evidence, they likely came from an ancestor common to them and cockroaches. Termites feed on the feces of other termites. Amazingly, termite soldiers and workers are blind; all they have are motion sensors and they use this for their flight and movement.

Termites do transmit diseases to humans, but they also have ecological benefits. They help decompose waste matter and feed on debris. This helps loosen the soil when they dig tunnels in soil to make their way, making it better for agriculture.

Termite experts undergo rigorous training to know everything about these pests, and they understand what they need to do to help get rid of them permanently. It is difficult for any untrained person to succeed in eradicating these pests because you need special experience to know where to look for these pests. Besides, you need skills to be able to target their breeding places, which are often difficult to reach. Even after removing them, you will need regular follow up visits in future to maintain a termite-free home.

Here are three tips for you so you can help yourself:

  1. Change the wooden flooring: Avoid pine nuggets, and substitute the wood with marble, granite or gravel. Also, make sure there is no stored firewood in your home, and avoid wooden furniture if you live in Arizona.
  2. Keep tidy: Termites love dirty and dark places where they can find moisture and warmth. Dispose any unwanted waste items and keep the house generally clean. Make sure there are no soiled and dirty things.
  3. Maintain your lawn: If you have a lawn of personal garden, maintain it to make sure there are no termites. They love plants and shrubs, so you might have to use pesticides to prevent termite infestation.

Sometimes, even with all the efforts we put into making sure we get rid of termites, things still get out of hand. This is why you need to consider asking for help from a Phoenix termite control company. They will come over and inspect your entire area, and offer an estimate of how much it would cost.

The best part is that, Arizona’s Best Choice Pest Termite Services offer a free inspection, and they are always available. Call them right now!

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