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by | Nov 25, 2014

Real estate is something you need to take seriously. You would not want to lose its value and you would not want to incur excess cost of maintenance. What would you do if you know that you can save some money ($49) when you hire a Phoenix termite treatment company? You would definitely want to hire their services. However, you need to know more about the company to be able to make your up about hiring their services.

When termites attack properties, they do that by getting into the foundation. This is why the team of inspectors at Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services specializes in checking the foundation. They specialize in three foundation types and examine them thoroughly to handle termite extermination. Here is how they handle it:

Floating Slab Foundations

If your building’s foundation is the floating slab one, then the team looks out for signs of termites in the following:

  • Foundation cracks
  • Interior expansion joints
  • Tub traps
  • Plumbing entry points which is usually through the slab

Crawl Space

For buildings with the crawl space foundation, the experts begin by looking into these aspects:

  • Support Piers
  • Foundation walls or perimeter skirting
  • Plumbing

Monolithic Post Tension Slab Foundation

In this type of foundation, termites often invade the following areas:

  • Foundation cracks
  • Interior expansion joints
  • Tub traps
  • Plumbing entry points (this is through the slab)

Once they detect and locate the termites in these places, the team uses high tech equipment and the best termiticide to eradicate them. They do an excellent job, and their objective is to make sure the work lasts for several years without the return of termites. Although many other Phoenix termite treatment companies make the same claims, not all achieve their target. This is what makes Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services stand out from the crowd.

In fact, this is why they pride themselves in providing a 1-5 years warranty period, during which clients get free inspection visits at regular, scheduled intervals. The reason for offering their clients this benefit is that the company knows that termites are an inevitable and impossible problem. No one in Phoenix can be sure of eliminating termites permanently because they always return. However, the professionals do succeed at providing a long lasting solutions.

They make sure that they visit and keep a check. If termites are back, they tackle the problem immediately. This is something no other Phoenix termite treatment company offers. This is why more than 7000 people trust Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services and continue to stand by it.

Call them on 480.426.8406, or fill out the form on their website (https://azbestpest.com/) and get a free inspection and estimate visit.


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