Home Sealing Can Help Lock Pests out of the House

by | Feb 17, 2016

As the saying goes, your home is your castle. If so, then your castle might be under siege, day and night, by a host of pests looking to invade. From roaches and rodents to scorpions and spiders, these unwelcome guests aren’t the type to ring the doorbell. If there’s a way in, they’ll find it.It’s time to fortify your defenses. A home sealing from AZ Best Pest can help you secure your keep, by closing off most of the pathways insects and pests use to get into your house. While you can’t completely shut away your house from the outside world—after all, you need oxygen—it’s a great step toward a pest-free home.

Why get a home sealing?

You may not realize it, but your home—no matter how old—probably has minor imperfections. Small cracks in the foundation from the weight of the house settling. A front door that leaves a tiny gap. Deteriorating screens on exhaust vents. Sure, minor stuff to you. But, to the pests looking to march inside, it might as well be a superhighway.

When you let AZ Best Pest seal your home, we:

  • Dust all cracks and crevices prior to sealing.
  • Seal the Foundation.
  • Place insect monitors in the garage.
  • Seal the underside of door frames.
  • Seal underneath door thresholds.
  • Adjust weather stripping on doors.
  • Power dust attic space.
  • Seal around A/C lines.
  • Seal around A/C boxes.
  • Seal around Electrical boxes.
  • Seal around Cable boxes.
  • Seal around plumbing clean outs.
  • Seal around exterior plumbing entry.
  • Screen exhaust vents.
  • Power spray exterior.
  • Granulate perimeter and/or yard.
  • Dust block wall voids.
  • Dust & seal around plumbing under cabinets.
  • Dust exterior wall voids via switch plates.
  • Dust window tracks.
  • Dust cabinet false bottoms.

Why choose AZ Best Pest?

Our goal is to banish pests from your home—for good. If you find yourself counting scorpions instead of sheep to get to sleep, it’s time to give us a call.

Here are three other reasons to go with AZ Best Pest:

  1. We offer a free home sealing inspection: At no cost to you, we’ll come out to your residence and inspect your home for leaks and gaps, and provide you with a detailed analysis of where and how insects and other pests are getting into your home. Even if you don’t decide to use our services, we’ll still provide you with some tips and pointers for solving your pest problems.
  2. Our process involves 21 steps: We pride ourselves on being thorough, and leaving our customers with a pest-free residence. There are 21 different steps that form our home sealing service, and we make sure that all bases are covered.
  3. We offer multiple options for different budgets: Pests have already invaded my home, you think. Now, they’re going to cost me a ton of money. AZ Best Pest offers several home sealing plans, so you can choose how much you can spend. We’ll work with you to pick the home seal that’s best for your house and your budget.

If you’re interested in our home sealing services, schedule your free inspection with us online, or give us a call at (480) 426-8406.


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