How to Prevent a Rat Infestation inside Your Home

by | Feb 16, 2017

Rats are a serious threat to the health of the individuals. They carry different kinds of infectious diseases that can transfer to humans and pets inside the house. A rat infestation is bad news for homeowners.The pesky little creatures can also cause damage to the electrical wiring that can pose a serious fire threat. The annoying part about rat infestation is that they tend to breed fast. Once a couple of rats enter the house, they can literally take over your house within a short time.

Prevention is the best cure when it comes to avoiding rat infestation. Here are three tips that can prove invaluable in preventing rats to infest your home.

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1. Seal the entry points to your home

You must seal the entry points through which rats can enter the house. Not many people know that the door and windows are the most common entry points for the rodents. By sealing the doors and windows, you can reduce the chance of rodents breaking inside the house.

To seal large holes, you can use lath metal, hardware cloth, cement, or metal sheeting. Steel wool can be used to fix small holes from where the rats can enter the house. You can find these materials in your local hardware shop.

In addition, you can use flashing around the base of the home to prevent entry of the rodents. The garages and outbuildings should also be sealed to avoid the entry of rodents. Also, if you have seen rats in your garden, you should be careful when entering and exiting the house. The rodents can dart through when you leave the door open for a few minutes.

2. Remove the nesting sites

You should detect and remove possible nesting sites of the rats outside the house. Garbage cans, woodpiles, and elevated hay are some of the common nesting places for the rates. Keep woodpiles far away from the house at least 100 feet or more.

Also, you should get rid of old tires, cars, and trucks that the mice could use as homes. Keeping grass and shrubbery cut within 100 feet of the house will also eliminate the chances of the rats making their nest around the house.

3. Call AZ Best Pest for professional help

You should contact professional rat control company for instant and effective results. The pest control experts will make a thorough inspection of the house and take instant action to remove rodents from and around the house.

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