Does It Make Sense to Have Your New Build Professionally Sealed?

by | Dec 13, 2019

As many Valley homeowners are discovering, home sealing is one of the most effective means of pest control here in Phoenix. If your home has struggled in the past with bark scorpions, roaches, or other pests, home sealing may be the long-term answer to keeping them out. Either applied as an independent strategy or combined with other pest control treatments, home sealing is a great fit for every Phoenix home.This includes new builds. Newly constructed homes here in the Valley can often struggle with pest problems—especially bark scorpions. As we’ll explore in this article, home sealing is a hand-in-glove fit for a new home. We highly recommend that homeowners consider a new build home seal before moving into the property.

New construction means more pests

Here in Phoenix, most new construction is occurring at the fringes of the West and East Valley, where land that was once desert or orchards is being transformed into new subdivisions. This process, inevitably, disturbs the natural landscape and leads to a proliferation of pests.

If you recently built a new home, have our team perform a new build home seal to keep out bark scorpions and other Valley pests.

The population of native, desert-dwelling species—such as bark scorpions and desert subterranean termites—often blossom as soon as homes (food for termites) and other pests (food for scorpions) move in. Human development also means water is now present on the landscape, which provides an ecological niche for roaches, crickets, and other pests. Finally, any new construction occurring near mountains or rocky outcroppings tends to see a greater number of bark scorpions, since this is their native territory.

The end result is that many new build homeowners find their homes inundated by pests in the first few years. The good news is that these problems are preventable with a pest prevention strategy. At its core, this approach should include professional home sealing.

What is home sealing?

Home sealing is the process of systematically closing, blocking, and sealing the entrances pests use to get into your home. An effective home sealing process starts with a pest professional inspecting the property and identifying places where improvements can be made.

In the context of a new build home seal, a newly constructed home likely doesn’t have significant defects—such as a cracked foundation or an air leak around a window frame—that will allow pests easy entry. However, at the same time, it may be far from impervious. New homes may not have sufficient caulking around gaps, weatherstripping around doors, or meshing covering attic weep holes. In other words, there is certainly room for improvement in every home, and new builds are no exception.

Of course, there are some advantages inherent in sealing a new build that is still under construction. The pest control professional has a small window to access pipes, door frames, and other components of the home that might never be accessible again. This allows us to even more effectively seal out pests.

Call us for professional home sealing here in Phoenix

If you are currently constructing a home here in the Valley, we recommend that you have us out to professionally seal it not long after getting the keys. It’s generally easier for us to implement our 21-step, thorough home sealing process when there is no furniture in the home or boxes in the garage. However, if you have already moved in, we can still seal your home.

To learn more about the benefits of home sealing or to schedule your new build home seal, contact us today. Remember: there’s no better time to put together a solid pest prevention and management plan than from the very beginning.


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