Why a Successful Pest Control Plan Requires Multiple Plans of Attack

by | Sep 22, 2020

One of the exciting things about pest control is the challenge the pest presents. If you’ve ever had pest trouble, you know how infuriating it can be when you feel like you’ve gotten rid of the last one and another one appears. The challenge of defeating pests and giving our customers their peace of mind back is a big reason why we are so passionate about pest control. To that end, we use multiple techniques to get the job done because if there’s one thing you need to know about pests, it’s that they won’t go down without a fight. Let’s explain the major types of pest control and how we use them to get rid of pests for good.

Mechanical Pest Control

This type of pest control is relatively simple and straightforward. Mechanical pest control uses physical barriers and sometimes mechanical contraptions to discourage pests from an area or even kill them. Well-known examples of this include gating that prevents larger animals from getting under your house or the basic rat trap. These are great solutions for larger pests, but this might not be the way to go for smaller critters like bugs.

Biological Pest Control

This type of pest control is not as common today but was widespread in the past. The idea is to introduce natural predators to control your pest problem. One of the famous examples throughout history is cats and rodents. When we watch the old Tom and Jerry cartoons, we have a lot of empathy for Tom. He’s just trying to do pest control!

Jokes aside, this is probably not the type of pest control you need, but for certain pests, it’s a great option. Other examples include ladybugs that prey on mites or even certain parasites that can go into their insect hosts and kill them.

Cultural Pest Control

Now, this type of pest control has nothing to do with art, dance, or slang. When we say culture in this context we mean the elements of the environment that have caused pests to take control. For example, if your sprinkler system is damaged, you might be creating the perfect little watering hole for bugs and pests right in the middle of your all-you-can-eat buffet garden!

The key to this technique is to notice the small details that aren’t readily apparent. Who knows, you might just be creating the perfect vacation spot for pests and it’s time to change things!

Chemical Pest Warfare

This is the most common type of pest control and might even be the first thing that came to mind when you first thought of pest control! This covers your typical bug sprays and pesticides. While chemicals like Borax are extremely effective and useful in the fight against multiple types of pests, these common choices aren’t the be all end all. There are so many types of pesticides and insecticides and they all have their pros and cons.

We want to work with you to decide what pesticides will work best for your home or garden. One concrete example of this is the recent trend towards organic pesticides. These chemicals come from nature and are more easily broken down by nature. Due to this, there are few ways these insecticides can be applied poorly. These compounds minimize the potential downsides when compared to harsher chemicals. These chemicals are becoming stronger and stronger every day. Soon enough the future of chemical pesticides may be dominated by extremely mild organic varieties.

Our customers let us into their properties. We want to make sure they trust our game plan. If you need pest control, we’d love to help you and talk you through our plan of attack.

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