How To Prevent Pests This Summer

by | Jun 21, 2022

The summer is finally here, and that means pests are reaching peak activity! If you’re like most homeowners, you probably want to do everything possible to prevent these critters from invading your home. In this blog post, we will discuss some easy ways to keep pests at bay this summer. We’ll also provide information on how professional pest control can help and offer some suggestions that will help you get rid of any pests that have already made themselves at home!

Methods to Prevent Infestation

Clean Your Home

One of the best ways to prevent an infestation is to keep your home clean. By regularly vacuuming, mopping your floors, and wiping surfaces where food is prepared or eaten, you can eliminate any potential sources that may attract pests. This will also help you find and destroy any potential nests before they become a problem.

Pests are often attracted to the smell of food, which means that your garbage can act as a homing beacon to any bugs or rodents looking for something to eat. To prevent critters from making a home in your garbage, you should keep your trash cans sealed, empty them as often as possible, and clean any food or drink containers before throwing them out.

Seal Their Entrances

Another way to prevent pests is to make your home less inviting to them. You can do this by adding screens to your windows and doors as well as weather-stripping around to eliminate any gaps that may let them in.

It’s also a good idea to search your homes for any cracks or holes in your homes floor or walls that pest could use to enter your home. If you do find any openings its best to get them sealed as soon as possible.

If you’re not sure where to start with sealing your home or just don’t have the time, the experts at Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services offer a comprehensive home seal that utilizes caulk, wire mesh, weather-stripping, and a number of other tools and tactics to keep pests out of your home.

Clean Your Yard

Don’t just clean inside your home – keeping your yard tidy matters too! Be sure to routinely trim your grass and bushes, as tall grass can attract ants, crickets, and roaches. Remove any piles of wood or debris from your property, as these can provide shelter for insects and animals.

You should also regularly check for standing water, as this can attract mosquitoes and other pests. If you have a swimming pool, be sure to keep it clean, run the pool pump 3-4 hours a day, and chlorinate daily to prevent bugs like mosquitoes from laying eggs in your pool.

Get a Bird Feeder

If your problems are more insect-related, try getting a bird feeder! Not only are they fun to watch, but birds will also eat many of the insects that might otherwise end up in your home.

Methods to Combat Infestation

Place Traps

One way to get rid of an infestation is by setting traps in your home or spraying the pests with an insect-killing aerosol. There are all different kinds of baits and sprays for different types of infestations, so start by identifying what you’re dealing with, and then look for products that are specifically designed to handle that type of pest. You can usually find these products at your local hardware or home improvement store.

While this method works pretty well, it can be dangerous. Pest control products can affect your home’s indoor air quality and could be harmful if ingested by kids and pets who don’t know better.

Call an Expert

Pest problems require professional solutions! The expert team at Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services can help keep your home critter-free all year long. To learn more about our pest prevention services, give our team a call at (480) 986-8500 or fill out an online contact form, and a team member will reach out to you shortly.


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