4 Creepy & Unexpected Ways Pests Enter Your Home

by | Jan 4, 2023

While pests are often associated with cluttered or dirty areas, no home is safe from an infestation unless its entry points are sealed. Pests need food and water to live; they will thrive anywhere they can find moisture and food sources. Even if you think your home is pest-free, there are plenty of creepy and unexpected ways they can find their way inside.

Sometimes, protecting against pests goes beyond finding the most obvious forms of infiltration. Most pests are clever at finding ways to sneak into your home, especially if they are looking for food, water, or shelter. Knowing about the unexpected ways pests enter your home can help you prepare to keep them out for good. Here are some places to inspect to ensure they can’t get in.

#1: Chimney Cap

If your home has a chimney, this is one of the first places to inspect to keep pests out of your home. From birds to raccoons, many animals may find your chimney convenient to set up their home. Having a chimney cap is essential to protect your home from unwanted guests. Chimney caps are protective coverings that go over the top of your chimney.

You can find these coverings in various styles to match the outside of your home; they are usually made of steel or copper mesh. While chimney caps are typically secure on your home, heavy storms can loosen these coverings and even blow them off completely. Inspecting your chimney caps at least once a year for any cracks or damage will ensure you keep pests out of your home.

#2: Openings for Cables

It’s no secret that insects and rodents can make the most of even the tiniest entryway to your home. Not only can pests squeeze their way into the cracks of your home’s foundation, but they can also find the small holes used as openings for cables and wires. With the amount of equipment running through your home, you can only imagine how many small holes there may be to keep everything connected.

Check every cable, plumbing, and HVAC item that passes through the walls of your home. You can use a double seal method to prevent entry from pests. Caulk the outside and apply caulk or spray foam on the inside to ensure all holes are covered.

#3: Pipes and Sewer Lines

One surprising way rodents can get into your home is through sewer lines. If your pipes are not sealed properly, they can be easy access for pests. These creepy critters can get inside through drains in the sinks or bathtubs in your home.

Mice and rats can quickly adapt to their environment and stop at nothing to find food, water, and shelter. Not only can these rodents climb up ladders, walls, and cables, they can easily swim through pipes and come through your toilet! Ensure your pipes are sealed to avoid this nightmare scenario.

#4: Wood, Stumps, or Mulch Near the Home

Termites can be the most destructive of all the insects and rodents that can enter your home! All these pests need to infest your infrastructure is moisture, dirt, and wood. Inspecting the perimeter of your home is essential to protect against termite infiltration.

Firewood stacked against the house, a bed of fresh mulch, and old tree stumps are all things to keep in mind when you want a termite-free home. These are some of the critter’s favorite places to colonize. Add in a leaky faucet, pipe, or AC unit, and you are offering a perfect environment for termites to thrive in. If you suspect you need help keeping these pests away from your home, consult a professional who can offer a solution to give you peace of mind.

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