What Can Attract Termites and Lead to an Infestation?

by | Mar 17, 2014

6 Ways to Avoid Attracting Termites to Your Home

1. Avoid utility work that can disrupt a treatment

If you have ever had a termite treatment in the past, you should avoid disrupting it. A common situation in which this can happen is when you dig up your ground for electric or plumbing work. Should you do this, you may remove the substance that was injected in the ground for repelling termites.

2. Avoid piling mulch outside your home

Mulch is something which termites adore. If you allow it to pile outside your home, it will retain soil moisture, making it a preferable and easy target for termites. Even if the mulch is just one inch high, it will still attract termites. Eventually, these can enter your home and start causing damage on the inside.

3. Cut off tree stumps in your back yard

Dead trees are another thing that serves as great food for termites. If you have any dead or dying trees in your yard, make it a priority to remove them as soon as possible.

4. Store firewood away from your house

Termites feed on wood, and having an excess of this near your house will definitely result in an infestation given enough time.

5. Avoid DIY termite treatment

There are so many people who believe that they can treat termites on their own, but DIY termite treatment very seldom works. Because termite treatment requires specialized knowledge and equipment, it is best to leave it to qualified professionals who can get you the lasting results you want.

6. Avoid wooden materials that have not been treated

If you have recently built something on your property with untreated wood, such as a fence or a deck, get it treated right away even if there is no infestation in your house currently. This will ensure the same in future as well. Even if you plan on expanding your home, you should avail termite treatment in all the newly contracted areas just to be on the safe side.


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