Is Your House Under Attack By Mosquitoes?

by | May 24, 2014

After much rains in Arizona, the summer season has arrived bearing the potential threat of mosquitoes. Make sure you keep your homes safe from mosquitoes this summers. Sometimes it is easy to control them, but often these mosquitoes multiply so fast that you have no choice but to call pest control in Arizona. Mosquitoes multiply in rainy season, and to prevent your homes from their invasion, you need to take the following steps:

Don’t let water stay

Water is every living being’s lifeline and such is the case with mosquitoes too. Mosquitoes breed on water and multiply innumerably. To avoid a mosquito attack, you have to make sure that there’s no water left out in the open. Mosquitoes need very little water to start laying eggs that’s why even a cap full of water can mean dozens more mosquitoes attacking you and your family. You can take many preventive measures to stop mosquitoes from breeding. If you have a swimming pool then make sure the water in it is replaced frequently and is chlorinated.

Don’t expose yourself to mosquitoes

Mosquitoes love to roam around in the early morning and late evening. Try not to go out in open space, grassy or green areas or any place that is likely to have mosquitoes. It all depends on you, how you take care of little things and save yourself from a bloody mosquito bite. It’s itchy and irritating and leaves a red spot on your skin. Try not to expose yourself to mosquitoes in the peak hours.

Keep your yard clean

Gardening on a bright sunny morning seems to be the perfect way to spend your Sunday. But things get worse when you get attacked by a group of thirsty mosquitoes. Have you ever wondered what cause them to grow in your yard? I think it’s time you considered maintaining your yard. Mowing your lawn helps prevent excessive mosquito growth and the debris, leaves and stem in your yard carries a little percentage of water which is just enough for the mosquitoes to start more families. Make sure there’s no water leakage in your yard and check your sprinklers properly. You can always hide inside the home and stay safe from mosquitoes which is what I recommend most and if you have a passion for gardening then call a pest control Arizona service to help you with it.

Maintain your home

The most important thing is to give your home a thorough inspection. Often, mosquitoes enter your homes through tiny holes in your walls, gaps in your windows and open gutters. First check your home and make sure everything is fine, and if there is a maintenance requirement then don’t hesitate to get it done. Check your drainage and gutters and don’t let any moisture or water stay for long. Improvement starts at home, so before you call a pest control service, make sure you have done your part.


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