Our Tips for Getting Rid of Crickets in Your Home This Spring

by | Feb 19, 2019

Crickets might not be the most dangerous pest here in Arizona—bark scorpions and killer bees rank above them. Destructive? That goes to termites. They’re also not the most disgusting: most people would argue that roaches are far more gross. However, with their penchant for spreading throughout the home and their incessant chirping, they’re arguably one of the most obnoxious pests we’ll start to see emerge this spring. Getting rid of crickets this spring should be your priority.

In this article, we’ll review the ways you can prevent crickets from taking over your home. If you’re struggling with pests problems this spring, give us a call. We offer free pest inspections here in Phoenix, Casa Grande, and the surrounding areas.

Why You Need to Get Rid of Crickets

Beyond how annoying that chirping is, crickets can quickly spread through your home. In severe infestations, crickets can eat fabric, which can wreak havoc on clothing, furniture, carpet, and linens. Plus, they’re pretty gross to just find around.

If that weren’t already enough motivation to deal with your cricket problem, crickets are also the primary prey of bark scorpions. If you’ve had scorpion issues in the past, it’s not a bad idea to deal with both problems at once by eliminating their food supply before summer rolls around.

How to Get Rid of Crickets in Your Home

  • Vacuum frequently

Most cricket problems get worse when the insects lay eggs and new crickets are born. The best way to remove these eggs is by vacuuming rugs, upholstery, and other soft-touch surfaces with a vacuum that has a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. Empty the vacuum bag into a sealed plastic bag before placing it in the garbage. Getting rid of crickets can be as simple as preventing them from multiplying and spreading.

  • Groom the yard

Crickets tend to enter the home when they are already nesting outside the property. To prevent these insects from getting too comfortable in your yard, mow the lawn frequently and keep stacked wood, compost, and leaf piles away from the home. Trim ground cover and bushes where crickets like to hide. Have wet leaves cleaned from the gutters to prevent these insects from nesting there.

  • Declutter and dehumidify

Inside the home, crickets tend to stick to warm, damp areas like the attic and the basement. Remove cardboard boxes, newspapers, and other clutter that can hide these insects. If your home is humid, use a dehumidifier. Once you’ve made the space less palatable for crickets, you can spray insect repellent or place traps to keep them away.

  • Turn out the lights

Bright lights attract crickets, so you may want to keep bright outdoor lights off at night when you’re not using them. Keep the shades drawn at night to prevent the insects from being drawn to the light seen through your windows.

  • Seal the perimeter

Sealing the home from crickets removes any cracks and crevices where the insects can enter. This can efficiently be done with the help of the professionals on our team. As part of our comprehensive home sealing process, our technicians will find and fill cracks in the windows and doors through which crickets and other pests are accessing the home.

Call Arizona’s Best Choice for Help Getting Rid of Crickets This Spring

If you’re facing major pest problems heading into the long, hot summer, now’s the time to call your friends at Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services for a free pest inspection. We can help determine what pest problems exist and how to go about dealing with them in an effective, long-lasting way. That way, you can enjoy a pest-free summer.


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