4 Factors That Influence Your Termite Treatment Cost in Arizona

by | Apr 18, 2019

As every Valley homeowner knows, termites can be a destructive force once in your home. It’s best to deal with a termite infestation early, before these wood-eaters can do significant damage to the structure of your home and establish a major foothold. However, one question we get from many of our customers concerns costs. In this article, we’ll discuss the factors that influence the termite treatment cost in Arizona, what homeowners should generally expect, and ways that you can save on your termite treatment.

Here’s something that’s completely free: we offer no-obligation, no-cost-to-you termite inspections here in Phoenix and Casa Grande. If you suspect that you might have termites in your home, or you’ve seen physical evidence like mud tubes on your foundation, call us today and we’ll send an expert out to your home to inspect for termites.

What are the 4 factors that influence the cost of termite treatment?

Factor #1: The type of termite

The most-common type of termite that infests Valley homes is the desert subterranean termite. As the name suggests, this termite typically accesses your home from the ground. When they run into the concrete foundation slab, these termites will create mud tubes up the side of the slab to get to the wood frame and their future food supply. Subterranean termites aren’t afraid of heights, however: in many cases, these termites find their way into attics, where they can erect mud tubes between beams and feast relatively undisturbed.

Mud tubes are a telltale sign that you need to call our team for a free termite inspection.

The desert subterranean termite is the most destructive type of termite here in Arizona. Their large numbers and the relative ease with which they can get into the home makes them a major threat. Our free termite inspection will work to identify the termite entry point and the type of termite we’re dealing with.

Factor #2: The scope of the infestation

A relatively recent termite breach into your home, caught early by a wary homeowner, is easier and often less expensive to deal with than a prolonged infestation. In the case of the former, it might be a matter of just using a termiticide to kill the existing colony and then doing some minor preventative measures to prevent re-infestation. With a prolonged infestation, you’re not only looking at a much deeper treatment and re-infestation prevention program, but you might also have to deal with the fallout of any property damage caused by the termites.

Again, our free inspection is a good place to start. If our technician does find signs of termites or evidence of their activity, they can estimate the relative size and scope of the infestation, giving you a better idea of what to expect.

Factor #3: The size and foundation of your home

Unlike treatment for many different types of pests, a termite treatment must be thorough. In many cases, trenching is required around the entire foundation of the home to block further termite entry or re-infestation. This means that the size of your home—both the square footage and whether or not you have two stories—can influence the treatment quote.

Your foundation type—which is often dependent on the age of your home—can also influence the treatment needed and the estimate we’ll provide. Termites can either climb the outside of the foundation or enter through plumbing entry points below the slab. In some cases, foundation cracks also provide a hidden means of termite entry.

Factor #4: Your termite warranty

This one is ultimately up to you as the homeowner, but we advocate for the longest-possible warranty we offer: our 5-year warranty. Here’s why this is important: termites are notorious re-infesters. Attracted by the pheromones of now-dead termites, desert subterranean termites and other species will often attempt to return to your home in future years, even after our initial service eliminated the original infestation.

We offer a complimentary one-year warranty, but you can expand that year-by-year up to 5 years. That’s a half-decade of peace of mind, where you’ll know that any termites that do return, we’ll come back out and take care of for you.

For estimates on termite treatment cost in Arizona, call us!

Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services is proud to be the premier termite treatment company here in Phoenix and Casa Grande. If you want to learn more about our services or about termite treatment cost in Arizona, we’re the team you want to call. And don’t forget: we offer a free termite inspection. If you think you have termites, that’s a good place to start.

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